Testimonials 1

I struggle to find the right words to describe the Reiki Tummo healing experience with Cris, as mere words aren’t deep and meaningful enough to describe the feeling of beauty, joy and love that flow through my body and heart as the Reiki energy flows. It’s a healing for the body, spirit and heart. It’s a gentle healing just like Cris’s approach, always gentle and relaxed. I see physical benefits of the healing but FEEL most significant benefits within. I experience deeper peace, deeper softening and opening of spirit and heart, that continue on for many days after the actual healing is over and bring greater joy to the activities in my daily life. This healing can’t be fully described but it can be deeply felt and experienced. Cris is a wonderful ‘channelling’ instrument and shares the gift of Reiki wholeheartedly.

I am deeply grateful Cris. Thank you. Katie

Testimonials 2

"Cris facilitates a very calming, peaceful experience through his Reiki treatments.  

When I saw Cris, I had come from a very busy, scattered day (and week), and wondered if I'd be able to calm my thoughts.  Not long after the treatment started though, I was experiencing peacefulness, calm and weightlessness which resulted in a very centred, balanced and blissed out feeling afterwards and throughout the next couple of days. 

I highly recommend Cris' treatments!  -  Gwen"  

Testimonials 3

Cris has a quiet, wise and gentle manner.  He took the time to explain Reiki Tummo in a way that I was able to understand easily and guided me on how to process feelings and emotions that I may experience during the session.  I meditate regularly and thought I was relaxed at the start of the session.  As the session progressed I found I was able to relax much further, bringing to my awareness tension I did not realise I had.  The tension I knew I had in my lower back and neck released quickly and I was pleasantly surprised when I dropped into a deeper relaxed state, releasing the newly discovered tension.  My mind felt much quieter at the end of the session and I felt my heart-mind connection was more in balance."