Testimonial 1

During a deeply transitional phase in my life, I attended Amy's kinesiology sessions - five sessions all up - and experienced such support and transformation within myself, I had to write to express my deepest respect and appreciation for Amy's practice. Amy's intuition, compassion, empathy and skill in recognising and balancing blocked energy gave me renewed vitality which allowed me to to move on. Amy provided a strong framework to work through my health issues giving me the clarity and wellness needed to make clear decisions during this challenging period. Amy's commitment and dedication to healing and wellness shines through during every encounter.
Thank you Amy.
Adrienne, Upwey.

Testimonial 2

Kinesiology has changed my life and still does. Amy is a skilled practitioner who has facilitated clearing the origin of my physical ailments bringing me back into a state of balance and health. She has also helped me identify my own skills and strengths to make choices on how I to respond to life challenges. I am now enjoying a deeper level of health and happiness in a very active life.
Thank you Amy.
Karen, Upwey.

Testimonial 3

Kinesiology with Amy is a gentle and nurturing healing experience which has enabled me to gain insight into problems that have arisen during the course of my life. This has given me a feeling of wellbeing and self confidence. For chronic physical complaints, I found it most effective.
Eileen, Upper Ferntree Gully

Testimonial 4

Kinesiology has changed my life, I could not imagine how or who I would be without it.  It's helped me overcome and manage huge traumas and grief in my life and become a stronger happier person. Amy is amazing and has a gentle and extremely amazing energy. She is trustworthy and I could not recommend her strongly enough.   

Jessica, Upwey.