Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy will uncover and change disruption in any area of life

The focus of Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy is to uncover and change the belief held behind behaviours or disruption in any area of life. Changing the belief and the stored emotions will create an opportunity to view the world differently and with a positive outlook. ISET is fundamentally different to any other modality, despite similarities, because of the new understanding of the power of images when communicating with the mind.

Your mind does not recognise words. The universal language of the mind is through images and metaphors. In the same way your dreams use images to sort out any unsolved problems, ISET combines transpersonal counselling, colour therapy, ag regression therapy, past life and intuitive spiritual healing.

A typical ISET session exposes the underlying belief system that is controlling the decisions in your life. This could be behavioural problems, emotional trauma, fears and phobias or physical disease and allows you to transform within the process. A safe and effectual method of helping you change the way you want to feel, behave, think and respond to life’s experiences.

If you would like to know more about this new modality, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

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Valerie McLeod

Valerie McLeod

ISET (Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy) Practitioner

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