Valerie McLeod

ISET (Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy) Practitioner

I am a fully qualified practitioner specialising in ISET and Transpersonal Counselling. I bring insight and understanding discovered through my own life, reinforced with education. With a background in health and the corporate sector, I have always been involved with guiding people to reach their full potential.

I am committed to motivating my clients to discover new ways of managing their lives and building their own meaningful and fulfilling future.

I believe that whilst everyone experiences negative feelings from time to time, if they are continuous or if they unreasonably interfere with the quality of one’s life, then it’s time to make the changes that will lead to a life well deserved.

An ISET session is up to 1 ½ hours to 2 hours in duration at a cost of $150 per session.

I am available Saturdays and Sundays. If you would like to know more about this new modality, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Mobile: 0422 376 846

I am writing in regards to the review of the 3 sessions of ISET –

I have tried many therapy sessions by credible therapists but found that mere speaking about the issues I was having which addressed an existing abusive situation that had been an issue for many years but at a deeper level stemmed from my childhood I can have the sympathetic ear of the therapist but unfortunately it felt I could not get to the crux of the issues.

This is when I was introduced to Valerie and the ISET program. I was introduced to Valerie who I found kindhearted and intuitive who had experience in the issues I was experiencing which is a rare commodity in the therapeutic circles.

Right from the beginning I was put at ease from her calm, compassionate nature and was taken through step by step on the principles of ISET and how it differed from normal therapeutic practices. In that first session alone what I experienced was nothing short of life changing and the ISET processes allowed me to peel away all the exterior defensive layers and get to the heart of the issues with no option to recoil or hide from as I knew the only way to truly heal is face and overcome what was hindering my progression and bring clarity to my confusion.

I made a conscious decision to participate in 3 sessions and with Valerie’s gentle guidance and support each step of the way I was able to come to a clear understanding of my situation but more importantly why I stayed for so long. Bringing forgiveness to others around me but most importantly to myself.

As stated from the beginning I had been with 3 separate therapists over a long period and always left frustrated and even more confused. With Valerie and ISET the sessions opened my eyes and gave me much needed understanding, clarity and purpose to move forward with strength and optimism of a new future.

I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone who is fed up on living in a trapped existence, to people who feel they have lost or given away their power to people who are undeserving. Those who are mentally struggling day by day to have the courage to register for a ISET session to work on themselves at a deeper level and finally find peace of mind and return the power to the most important person which is themselves.

Thank you Valerie for all your help and guidance.

Steve H


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