Julia Rudakova

Naturopath, Buteyko Practitioner

Julia is a knowledgeable naturopath with great passion for restoring and sustaining the best of health, using a holistic system of healing.

Julia specialises in respiratory conditions, such as asthma, sleep apnoea, bronchitis etc. Her passion stems from personal experience with respiratory problems and a deep connection with the herbs and energy medicine, which form part of her functional breathing protocol. Another vital part is the mindset work and understanding of the link between the physical, emotional and mental aspects of any healing journey. Breathing is not only the technique to re-train the brain and balance the blood chemistry, but also a medium to control the three aspects of our being and facilitate a deeper healing.

Julia runs Oxygen Revolution Functional Breathing Program from White Owl Well- Being and online, helping individuals with asthma and sleep apnoea and other breathing issues, anxiety and depression. Breathe better, think clearer, feel calmer and enjoy life to its fullest!

Get in touch with Julia if your respiratory condition leaves you:

  • constantly tired and or unrested upon waking
  • anxious or depressed
  • low in motivation
  • like nothing has helped so far
  • you’re struggling with multiple side effects from your medications
  • like your respiratory condition is not getting any better

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0404 945 466

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