Dorothea Lucaci

Reiki, Access Bars, Sound Healing, Theta Healing, Astrology and her signature, Soul Dance Session.

Dorothea is an intuitive healing artist, a musician and eternal student of ancient wisdom and modern science who has studied many paths, modalities and spiritual philosophies in search of her own healing and self-knowing.

Dorothea began her exploration while living in New York City, where she studied, and evolved in her growth and personal practice. Her journey found her thirsting for knowledge and understanding, enlightenment and self-awareness, when she became that which she was seeking; a healer and practitioner of the alternative and spiritual healing arts.

Dorothea’s philosophy is that we are each on a hero’s journey and that our answers are all already within us. That much of the disharmony we experience arises when we come out of alignment with our authentic selves.

Dorothea is here to share the wealth of knowledge and experience acquired with others, like you, so you may awaken to your own soul dance and walk along your transformational journey to authentic living with more grace, love, and self compassion than she could master traveling along her own journey solo. From her extensive studies Dorothea has created a signature offering called a ‘Soul Dance Session,’ which uses a bespoke intuitive blend of energy medicine to guide you back to a natural state of harmony and ease. Together we explore your intentions and what may be creating dissonance in your current experience, past lives, and ancestral lineage. Using Theta, Sound, Reiki and other methods we work on creating resonance, clarity, and aligning you energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally with the path and purpose you are creating.

Dorothea also offers events such as Sound Baths, Guided Meditations & Moon Circles which you can find out more about at

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