Amy Kinkel

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) Registered Professional Member - Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) Reiki Practitioner

Kinesiology was life changing for me. I found it improved and transformed my confidence, health, relationships as well as my capacity to adapt to life’s challenges. I always had a fascination or awareness of our innate ability to heal or self heal.  This interest led me to meditation, energy healing, Reiki and studies in Psychology and Kinesiology. These experiences confirmed for me that there is so much more to us than what we can ever be fully conscious

They are all valuable paths for healing and awareness.  Nevertheless, it is the deep awareness we can gain through Kinesiology that always brings me to that place of wonder and joy to be able to help others on their journey, gain the insight needed to clear the stressors and blockages they carry to move forward and achieve their potential. It’s great to see clients achieve clarity and leave feeling lighter, more at ease and positive following a balance.


Online sessions: what’s the difference?

As far as effectiveness goes, none. Otherwise I wouldn’t offer them. The most important thing is for you to have a private space where you can relax snd not be interrupted. Please give me a call if you would like more information.
Here’s some feedback I received in relation to online sessions:
I highly recommend Amy from White Owl Kinesiology. I have experienced fast and effective results for both physical and emotional concerns in face to face sessions; and now due to the new covid situation, I have been really grateful for online sessions which proved to be as instant and powerful as face to face sessions. Thank you Amy.
Katharine Forrer
Bowen Therapist
Hi Amy, just wanted to let you know that I have woken up feeling somewhat happy today even dancing a bit in the kitchen. Thankyou your healing is amazing… feeling like I’ve had a small holiday after our session ♥️
Jen, Upwey 

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