Alice Peebles

Hawaiian Lomlomi massage and Craniosacral therapist

Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage is a relaxing, luxurious and holistic journey to encourage you to delve more deeply into your body, mind and spirit. Receiving Lomilomi offers the experience of being pa’a: fully present, solid and in the now. It can bring confidence and clarity, an all over sense of wellbeing, and expand capacity to be with our emotions.

A typical session

At the beginning and end of a session I may briefly consult with you about your current physical, mental and emotional state. I will not be working as a talking therapist but rather, with your consent, aiding you in communicating with self and your na`au (gut centred knowing) through safe, gentle and nurturing touch.

Working with energy and presence I apply a soft and deep tissue massage to the whole body. Experience long flowing strokes under and over the body and gentle stretching using luxuriant coconut oil. In a warm and comforting space with a beautiful music soundscape this holistic Hawaiian massage can release blockages, facilitating emotional, mental and spiritual shifts. This is a non-sexual practice.

Time investment

90 minute Lomilomi (allow 2 hrs in total). If you are looking to receive for a shorter period of time do reach out and speak to me.

I invite you to experience Lomilomi massage as an active meditation and a conscience receiving. It is illuminating and warm and a calm island refuge from the busyness of life.

All bodies are welcome.

For more information about Lomilomi or availability do not hesitate to contact me.

For all Enquiries or to make an appointment, please call me on 0460 727 072

Alice Peebles

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