Amy Kinkel

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP)
Registered Professional Member - Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)

Kinesiology was life changing for me. I found it improved and transformed my confidence, health, relationships as well as my capacity to adapt to life’s challenges.

I always had a fascination or awareness of our innate ability to heal or self heal.  This interest led me to meditation, energy healing, Reiki and studies in Psychology and Kinesiology. These experiences confirmed for me that there is so much more to us than what we can ever be fully conscious. They are all valuable paths for healing and awareness.  Nevertheless, it is the deep awareness we can gain through Kinesiology that always brings me to that place of wonder and joy to be able to help others on their journey, gain the insight needed to clear the stressors and blockages they carry to move forward and achieve their potential. It’s great to see clients achieve clarity and leave feeling lighter, more at ease and positive following a balance.

Lee 477.jpeg

Lee Fitzgerald

Kinesiologist, Reiki, Remedial Massage Therapist

Lee is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and has been working in the industry for around 6 years. Lee uses Reiki, Kinesiology and Remedial massage to assist clients to achieve clarity and wellness. 

The increase of challenging ‘symptoms’ showing up with clients, led Lee to explore other causes of muscular tension or pain.  It became apparent that Kinesiology was the way to unlock stress in the body alongside the physical tension, which released through massage. Lee found Kinesiology during her own personal experience in self- discovery.  It not only expanded her understanding of the body as a whole, but her focus became about sharing this amazing insight to enable others to grow and transform their own personal struggles, fears and/or blockages.

Lee has a passion for women’s health and finds it incredibly rewarding to work with those who are looking at planning, starting or adding to their family.



Stephen Welsh

Reiki Master and Qualified Emmet Therapist/Tutour

Stephen is a Reiki Master, qualified Emmett therapist and tutor. Stephen teaches the  EMM-Tech short course to the general public. 
Stephen's Reiki journey began in earnest in mid-2011 when his hands spontaneously "turned on" and he has been able to offer Reiki from that point.  Since then he has received formal Reiki training becoming Reiki Master.  

Stephen shares his knowledge and love of Reiki through workshops, Reiki treatments and Reiki shares.
In mid 2015 Stephen was introduced to Emmett therapy by a friend and noted its effectiveness for the physical body with ripples into the energetic realms.  This led Stephen to train and become qualified as a therapist and teacher of the EMM-Tech short course.



Julia Rudakova


Julia is a knowledgeable naturopath with great passion for restoring and sustaining the best of health, using a holistic system of healing.

Naturopathy has been used to treat a broad spectrum of health conditions - acute or chronic. Julia has over 7 years of experience in effectively helping people with stress, depression, skin disorders, helping them bring back healthy skin, improved fertility and energy levels so that they can live happier and healthier lives. Women’s and children’s health are of particular interest to Julia.

 Julia helps bring back and maintain the equilibrium in the body, support the immune system and provide overall sense of wellbeing.

Help is here if you feel:

  • constantly tired and or unrested upon waking

  • anxiety or depression

  • low in motivation

  • like nothing has helped so far with your health concern

  • you’re struggling with hormonal imbalance – mood swings, acne, trying to conceive, PCOS, endometriosis.

  • a FREE 15-minute chat can be arranged prior to booking an initial appointment to discuss how Julia can be of help for you

    Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions about natural medicine on info@happystar.com.au or call 0404 945 466


sharon hypno pic.jpg

Sharon Taylor  

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Member of Aust. Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Assoc (AACHP)

I have always been fascinated by how extraordinary the human mind is and what we are capable of achieving by thought alone. Having witnessed the miraculous both personally and professionally, I am drawn to help others achieve their own transformation.
I am a midwife and a clinical hypnotherapist. They are one in the same. Both professions are my calling to be of service. I am here to offer my guidance, my compassion and my energy towards anyone who chooses a future free of fear.

For further information about what hypnoenergetics can do for you, please connect with me:
Ph: 0490 831 572

cris photo (1).jpg

Cris Muladi

Reiki Tummo Practitioner

I have been practicing Reiki Tummo since 2003; being a strong believer in energy, oneness and its ability to heal drew me to Reiki. 
As a Reiki practitioner I am able to share this energy with others and help them grow and move forward into their true potential. During the past 15 years, I have helped support my clients through illness, difficult times and  emotions to help bring them into a place of wellness and strength. 

I hope one day I can share this beautiful energy with you. 



Brett Vale

Registered and TGA accredited

Brett’s life and career undertook a significant change after witnessing his youngest child suffer serious illness that conventional medicine could offer little in the way of answers or remedy.  There began Brett’s passion for natural treatments and prevention options in disease.  

As a qualified, registered and TGA accredited Naturopath, Brett focuses on resolving the cause of disease rather than treating its symptoms using evidence-based research in the field of natural medicine, herbs, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle together with functional pathology testing.

Brett has a particular interest in ‘family’ with an emphasis on children’s health and their mental, gastrointestinal, skin (dermatitis/eczema), allergy and immune health.

 With a background in elite sport and sports coaching around Australia and overseas, Brett has a unique ability to engage with children of all ages, parents and adults alike, enabling a collaborative approach to treatment that significantly improves outcomes.  

Other areas of focus for the whole family include but not limited to:

  •     Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

  •     Depression

  •   Insomnia

  •     Fatigue and Exhaustion

  •    Digestive Health

  •     UTI’s

  •     Cardiovascular Disease

  •     Nutritional Health

For more information visit elementallife.me or call 0408 087 091 to speak with Brett.

Brett is available for appointments on Fridays and Saturdays.



Alice Peebles

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Practitioner

I am a certified Hawaiian Lomilomi massage practitioner. My passion is to live as full and expanded a life as possible. Through Hawaiian wisdom and safe, nurturing touch I wish to give you the opportunity to come more fully into your authentic, autonomous self, exploring possibilities rather than limitations in life. I have experience in conscious dance and a sensitivity to working with trauma informed touch. 

How Lomilomi massage can benefit you
I have come to learn that amazing shifts and changes can occur through developing a clear connection to our body. Caring touch from another person can help calm our nervous system, tap into emotions, build capacity for self-regulation, 'unlearn' adaptations to trauma and open up opportunities. Receiving Lomilomi offers the experience of being pa'a: fully present, solid and in the now. It can bring confidence and clarity, an all over sense of wellbeing, and expand our capacity to be with our emotions.

For more information about Lomilomi or availability do not hesitate to contact me on 0422992377

NB: I am also committed to supporting people from marginalised demographics to access healing services. If you are experiencing financial difficulty please enquire about my concession rates.


Dobrusia Szramowiak

Naturopath, Massage and lymphatic drainage therapist, Iridologist

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Endeavour College, Melbourne; and  Bachelor of Science (Honours in Chemistry) from Manchester University, UK. 

My great passion is to assist others to regain their health and live to their fullest potential. A human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself when the right conditions are provided. I use this principle to gently restore the body’s natural healthy flow, resulting in sustainable health changes. Rather than selecting a treatment to match the health condition, I choose a treatment to suit the patient. 

I combine an evidence-based approach with naturopathic methods which provide a complete understanding of factors contributing to the presenting illness. This enables me to identify and treat the root cause(s) and implement a cost-effective treatment plan.

I also have a great interest in iridology. It is an invaluable tool to accurately assess one's vitality, state of the digestive system and other organs and provide individualised treatment approach. 

My healing protocols include medicinal plants, homeopathic remedies, vibrational essences, nutrients, manual therapies, dietary changes and lifestyle improvements.

As a naturopath I specialise in the following areas:

  •  Gastrointestinal health

  • Mental health

  • Detoxification

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Lyme and Co-infections

  • Mould Illness (CIRIS)

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For further information about how we can work together, please connect with me:
M: 0424645633