About ......Hypnotherapy

We are spiritual, energetic beings in human form. We store experiences and beliefs within our bodies and our energy field whether they be good or bad. Hypnoenergetics is a form of hypnotherapy that allows release of limiting beliefs that have been trapped within us due to past trauma. With release comes freedom from unwanted behaviours, habits, thoughts and compulsions and transformation to a new way of being.
I am fascinated and awed by what our minds our capable of. Hypnotherapy offers the opportunity to use the enormous capability of your mind to heal yourself. Additionally, when we access the deeper parts of ourselves, we find the knowledge and guidance that is perfect for us. No one knows you better than yourself … you will be surprised by the knowledge that is revealed!
I also offer past life regression hypnotherapy for those who feel they are dealing with an issue that stems from beyond this lifetime…. or for those who are simply curious about exploring a past life that has some significance to their life today.

For further information about what hypnoenergetics can do for you, please connect with me:
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