The EMMETT Technique is a gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy.  With quick accurate assessment of the body integral to the technique, it is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement, restore a positive emotional state and improve the quality of life. 

EMMETT technique is a special form of body therapy that involves application of light pressure at specific points. These can be in sequences that enable gentle release for the symptoms of many common conditions. The results can be dramatic and usually immediate even for first time clients.   Some of the more common symptoms Emmett treatments  can relieve are: Restrictions to movement in the neck, shoulder and jaw.  
Headaches, dizziness, and sinus
Lymphatic congestion and breathing
Persistent foot and heel pain
Back and hip discomfort
Knee and ankle restrcitions
Discomfort during progenancy
Fluid retention ... and so much more  
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EMM-Tech Short Course
Are you a carer (or partner) who has someone with longterm issues in your charge? 
Are you a massage therpist who would like to extend your career?
Perhaps you are a personal trainer or yoga teacher who wishes to offer their clients a little extra?

If so the EMM-Tech short course may be for you.  Available to the general public, this eight-hour course is taught by qualified tutors using plain english and is easily learnt.  The course offers a small, specific set of skills and knowledge that may help ease the pain and discomfort of those treated.

The skills learned in this eight-hour course apply to all age groups and can help treat the following symptoms:
Neck rotation
Shoulder pain and flexibility
Forearm weakness
Balance and stability
General  mobility and flexibility
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Session costs
Emmett Therapy or Reiki Therapy
$60 per half hour
$100 per  hour
$120 for 90 minutes