Emerald Revitalisation Treatment

The emerald is a very special gem with exceptional abilities including:

·       enhancing beauty

·       rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit

·       promoting health and healing

Some emeralds radiate with special healing energies, not all emeralds have this special quality. So, we curated sets of emeralds from tens of thousands of potential gemstones to discover the ones, that when combined, have the optimal beautifying, rejuvenating and healing energy.

Utilizing our premium Emerald set in this way, our treatments will penetrate your whole being deeply, rejuvenating your internal organs all the way to your skin’s surface, removing negativity, cleansing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul for a longer-lasting clear result. The healing energy connects you to the Earth, relieves your mind, body and heart of any stress or tension, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, radiant and refreshed.

Let yourself experience a true indulgence with Emerald Revitalization Treatments and let your true beauty radiate.

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