Why Stress

We all experience stress. It serves us by keeping us alert and focused. We may find it takes the joy out of life leaving us less tolerant or just plain grumpy. On the other hand, it can extend us and provide the impetus to move out of our comfort zone and bring new opportunities to our lives. Consider an athlete for example. Stress can help them perform at their peak. They need to be ‘pumped’, but just to the point where they can be fully alert and focused.

Stress is one of the fundamental conditions that influences how we respond to challenges and interact with the world. Stress can keep us frozen in fear or stagnant in procrastination. Stress can push us to achieve our full potential or keep us running on the treadmill of life while juggling many balls. We can use it or allow it to dominate us. The solution is balance and that’s where Kinesiology comes in.

It’s when we are continually operating out of our comfort zone that our health and wellbeing can suffer. Our adrenal glands are stimulated to produce cortisol in these circumstances. Many of us operate on this level in our day-to-day lives and come to believe it is normal. We may even congratulate ourselves that we are managing to keep up with all the demands facing many of us – work, travel, children, finances, relationships, study and the list goes on. It may only become apparent to us that we are struggling when one more thing is added to our list, prompting us to seek a remedy or solution to help us manage.
We can’t run on adrenal stress forever without support. Our wellbeing can suffer as a result. For example, lower back pain, problems with digestion, fatigue and anxiety, not to mention the potential for creating relationship fractures. These are some of the symptoms that can eventuate if no action is taken. Eventually our body will go into survival mode. Have you ever found yourself reaching for sweets to keep you going and a healthy meal just doesn’t seem to do it for you? That’s your body telling you it’s exhausted and reaching for the sugar hit to keep it going.


Support can consist of changes to work, diet, life, relationships etc.; and reducing the stress associated with the ‘stressors’ by working out what is important and how to go about achieving our goals. Meditation is an effective way to be centered, calm and bring joy to ones life. Kinesiology acts to identify the blocks to a balanced state and helps us to move forward in the direction of our potential. Of course that is rarely easy and often takes courage to let go of the beliefs and limitations necessary to make changes to our lives. When we are ready to do this, the courage is easily found and liberating. The body guides us to find solutions, bring clarity and balance to our physical, mental and emotional experience.

Sometimes the awareness that Kinesiology brings can be scary and some will retreat, preferring to remain safe or stuck in the same patterns they have developed during their lifetime. Even if the familiar is pain and suffering, we may prefer to hold onto it rather than look at it. People need to be ready to heal. It’s not always easy to commit to strategies that will bring changes to our lives even if we will benefit. To heal means to make changes. Change affects not only how we feel about ourselves and how we respond to life but also our relationships and choices.

Life is a journey and some of us find the going tough while others appear to have it relatively easy. The bottom line is we all have hurdles to clear, detours to make and lessons to learn. Kinesiology helps us navigate the path and enjoy the process.